Sound & Lighting

Michel Romeo Group is proud to have an exclusive partnership with John Fiorito who is associated with Ohm Productions Inc.

John Fiorito,

Discotheque audio engineer & Lighting Engineer.


John began his career in 1992 with the opening of Zei Club, Washington, DC. Since then, John has has been bringing cutting edge audio and lighting design to venues around the world.

In 1998, John assembled a team of the best technicians and formed Ohm Productions.

Over the years, John has rapidly built a large and reputable resume with venus including Platinum Club (DC), The entire Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World (FL) along with its 8 night clubs, Home Nightclub (DC) and Fur Factory Nightclub (DC) just to name a few.

It was 2004 when John accepted a partnership with Michael Romeo in the Fur Factory Nightclub project. Since that day, John has supervised all construction, operational set up, audio, lighting, visuals and developed policy, procedure and been a major contributor to furthering the growth, expansion and success of the Michael Romeo Group today.

John's work has been featured in the Washington Post, Washontonian, Mondo Magazine, Club Systems and is always on the front row of EAW's web page.

John is supported by his team:

Ryan Rafferty,
Lighting designer

Michael Pedersen (Spike),
former technical
director of the Gatien club circa

Joe Aguilar
House Tech for Lotus, Tattoo & Midtown

Dylan Overstreet
House Tech for Fur Nightclub

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